Consulting Services

BREC Solutions are one of the leaders in the nanotechnology innovation, standardisation and regulation services. Our aim is to facilitate innovation and commercialisation of applications in nanotechnology while conforming to regulation and following the best international practice shared by ISO and BSI Standards. We provide an independent advice to startups, SMEs, large corporations, lobbying groups, governments and academic institutions.

Denis Koltsov

What kind of projects do we work on? Usually, we are approached by clients for our expertise and independence. Below are just some of the examples of projects we have completed in the past few years:

  • We represent clients at expert meetings, forums and discussions. Our experts follow all the nanotechnology standardisation committees and provide a unique insight into standards boom in nanotechnology. We even develop internal and international standards for our clients
  • Client is seeking an independent verification of their business plan, technology feasibility and market evaluation for a third party investment bid.
  • Client is a national investment or development organisation that seeks an objective and independent overview of their programme by international experts in nanotechnology.
  • Client has an invention and is aiming to find the best route to commercialisation. BREC provides patent search, market and competition survey, expertise search and develops innovation path plan.
  • Client is searching for an improvement on their existing technology or process. BREC provides a survey of state of the art innovation options and resources contacts with relevant experts in the field.
  • Client is aiming to invest, relocate or expand into new market to sell (for example a new nanomaterial). BREC provides regulatory, commercial and social information for this transition. Moreover we provide targeted intelligence on networking and sales of that particular product. Please note that we do not take on distributorship of products or materials.

For any enquiries please contact Dr Denis Koltsov.
tel: +48 794 994 868