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Particle Characterisation

ViewSizerTM 3000

HORIBA ViewSizer 3000 Maximize your particle analysis with the HORIBA ViewSizerTM 3000. It uses multiple lasers for complete, detailed analysis of exosomes, viruses, and nanoparticles. Get accurate distribution and concentration information with simultaneous measurement, automatic laser switching, and easy-to-clean sample cells. Say goodbye to cross contamination and get the most precise data. Contact us for a chat or a full product presentation. Are you ready for PTA 2.0 ?
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Service and Training

Consumables We provide installation, training and maintenance services for the HORIBA ViewSizerTM 3000 across Eastern Europe. Our aim is to bring particle characterisations to mainstream academia and industry.
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Consumables The supply of consumables and parts for the HORIBA ViewSizer 3000 is crucial for the ongoing cutting edge particle characterization work. This advanced instrument is designed to provide precise and accurate measurements of particle size, shape, and distribution in a wide range of samples.
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Particle Tracking Standards

NTA Standards Well accepted data can not be obtained without international standards. Dr Koltsov is leading the development and revision of the NTA/PTA ISO standards (ISO 19430) since 2013. The new version of the document allows for particle sizing, particle size distribution and particle counting that leads to particle number concnetration. 3-Laser systems, as well as the gravitational fall sizing are documented. It should also be noted that E2834-12(2022) is also used. Why is this importnat? This means that a certified lab operating under ISO 17025 can offer certified measurement reports.

Where we are

map We are based in Poland and are the exclusive distributors of ViewSizerTM 3000 in Eastern Europe. HORIBA is a well-established brand in Central and Eastern Europe, providing advanced particle analysis and sizing solutions. In Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, it has a strong presence, offering reliable and efficient products to customers in various industries. In Montenegro, Albania, Hungary, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, Germany, and Greece, the company has built a reputation for its innovative and cutting-edge solutions, meeting the demands of a rapidly developing market.

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