Nano-enabled solutions against viral infections like COVID-19

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Key topics Covered

Nanomedicine and Vaccines and Nanovaccines
Diagnosis: Point of Care tests
Masks and Respirators
HEPA filters
Antiviral coatings
Antiviral bulk materials
Personal hygiene and disinfectants
Relevant terminology
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This document was created to address a number of questions from the community about how nanotechnology and nanomaterials may be (or indeed are already) helping to fight viral infections like Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). This document analyses relevant nanotechnological developments to address virus detection, prevention, protection, mitigation and control measures.
This document is particularly relevant to innovators, researchers, policy makers and funding managers. Impact on various technology markets due to COVID-19 was estimated. Market size for nanovaccines, COVID-19 tests, protective masks, disinfectants, coatings and HEPA air filters were evaluated.

Report Structure

Terms of usage
1. Introduction
2. Applications
2.1. Nanomedicine and Vaccines
2.1.1. Industry developments
2.1.2. Market information
2.2. Diagnosis: Point of Care tests
2.2.1. Industry advances
2.2.2. Scientific advances
2.2.3. Market Information
2.3. Masks and Respirators
2.3.1. Market Information
2.3.2. Industrial Activity
2.3.3. Scientific Advances
2.4. HEPA filters
2.4.1. Market Information
2.5. Antiviral coatings
2.5.1. Biocidal Release coatings
2.5.2. Active contact surface
2.5.3. Antiadhesive coating
2.5.4. Thermally or mechanically activated release coating
2.5.5. Topographically frustrating coating
2.5.6. Market Information
2.6. Antiviral bulk materials
2.6.1. Market Information
2.7. Personal hygiene
2.7.1. Market Information
3. Useful definitions
4. Useful Standards
5. Index
Annex A Not nano-related breakthroughs in vaccine development for COVID-19
6. References

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