Global report on Fine Bubble Technology: Technology, Markets, Applications

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Key topics Covered

Fine Bubble Technology Fundamentals
Bubble Generation
Key Applications
Fine Bubble Standardisation
Country-specific developments (45 countries evaluated and only 19 sigificant jurisdictions reported)
R0040 Report
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Scope of the document

This comprehensive report evaluates all known applications of fine bubble technology and looks at the spread of this technology across sectors and geographies. We cover sectors from large surface cleaning, water treatment, mineral extraction to agriculture, aquaculture, transport, industrial processes, personal care, food and drink to biomedical applications. This study covers global commercial, academic and innovation activity in these areas using fine bubbles technology. We report the present size of the markets for FBT sectors as well as national trends and developments. Some 480 entities were evaluated across 45 main jurisdictions with 19 main country markets reported in detail. Sector-specific developments in all 19 geographic markets are reported and global FBT uptake rating is constructed.

Report Structure

1 Summary
2 Introduction
2.1 Methodology
2.2 Useful definitions
3 Technology
3.1 Fundamentals
3.2 Bubble Generation
3.2.1 In-flow methods
3.2.2 Membrane-based methods
4 Key Applications
4.1 Domestic and Industrial Wastewater purification
4.1.1 Water sterilization
4.2 Agriculture and Aquaculture
4.3 Industrial Processing
4.3.1 Ultrasound Nanoparticle coating technology
4.3.2 Dissolved air floatation
4.4 Solid surface Cleaning
4.4.1 Cleaning Mechanisms
4.4.2 Disinfection Mechanisms
4.4.3 Key cleaning applications
4.5 Food Sanitation
4.6 Animal cleaning
4.7 Personal care
4.8 Environmental Applications
4.9 Air/Gas Cleaning
4.10 Bio-Medical Applications
4.11 Characterization
4.12 Transport
4.13 Food and Drink
4.13.1 Foods based on Emulsions and Foams
5 Fine Bubble Standardisation
5.1 In EU
6 Regulation
7 Country-specific developments
7.1 Belgium
7.2 France
7.3 Germany
7.4 Italy
7.5 Netherlands
7.6 Spain
7.7 Sweden
7.8 United Kingdom
7.9 United States of America
7.10 Canada
7.11 Oceania
7.12 Thailand
7.13 China 51 7.14 Russian Federation
7.15 India 52 7.16 South Korea
7.17 Singapore
7.18 Japan 57 7.19 South Africa
8 References
9 Contact

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