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BREC Solutions conducts independent research in a number of key domains and publishes reports that are available for download. It should be noted that most of our reports are commissioned by clients and are therefore confidential. If you would like to commission a report please contact us directly for a quote. Below is the list of our report currently available.

Recent reports and briefings

Fine Bubble Technology in the EU
This study documents the commercial, academic and innovation activity in the area of fine bubbles technology for the geographic area limited by countries in the European union (EU29). Special attention is paid to evaluate the types of technology applications, the related bubble sizes and the required needs for metrology in different countries in the EU29 area. Trends were identified and predictions were made for the country-by-country development of fine bubble technology up to 2030.

This report of 107 pages contains 82 Figures, covers 29 Countries and estimates market over 2014-2030 period. Some 134 Organisations are listed to have their activity in the fine bubble technology.

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