Our Reports

BREC Solutions conducts independent research in a number of key domains and publishes reports that are available for download. It should be noted that most of our reports are commissioned by clients and are therefore confidential. If you would like to commission a report please contact us directly for a quote. Below is the list of our report currently available.

Recent reports and briefings

Global report on Fine Bubble Technology: Technology, Markets, Applications

Report reference R0040
Latest version v01 (March 2021)
Report length 65 Pages
64 Figures
Report Format PDF Preview PDF
Report Price 3000 (+VAT) British Pounds

Key topics Covered

Fine Bubble Technology Fundamentals
Bubble Generation
Key Applications
Fine Bubble Standardisation
Country-specific developments (45 countries evaluated and only 19 sigificant jurisdictions reported)
R0040 Report

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Nano-enabled solutions against viral infections like COVID-19

Report reference B0700
Latest version v00 (July 2020)
Report length 28 Pages
12 Figures
Report Format PDF Preview PDF
Report Price 276 British Pounds

Key topics Covered

Nanomedicine and Vaccines and Nanovaccines
Diagnosis: Point of Care tests
Masks and Respirators
HEPA filters
Antiviral coatings
Antiviral bulk materials
Personal hygiene and disinfectants
Relevant terminology
Applicable Standards
B0700 Report

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