About us

graphene BREC Solutions ltd is a UK-based consulting firm focusing on technology and innovation. We specialise in nanotechnology innovation, policy, regulation and standardisation and operate as a network of advisors across the world. We provide an independent technical assessment for investment projects, national development programmes, EU funded projects, startups and multinationals. We operate as a network of qualified advisors working to the same high standard of delivery and transparency.

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Advisory Services

Dr Denis Koltsov We are one of the few consultancies in the world who are monitoring and participating in national and international standardisation. We work with BSI, ISO, CEN and IEC and connecting leaders in industry with academics, regulators and metrology institutes. Our expertise is in terminology, characterisation, measurement, material specification, labelling, certification and compliance. For more information on this activity please contact us directly.

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Research and Development

BREC Solutions is able to deliver confidential research projects to our clients. We treat IP and confidentiality extremely seriously.

  • Particle and dispersion characterisation facilities. This is relevant to regulatory compliance of nanomaterial manufacturers in EU and further afield.
  • We are experts in fine bubble technology (nanobubbles) used in cleaning, water treatment, remediation, agriculture, aquaculture and bio-medical applications
  • Technology Scouting - a research of potential new solutions, experts and facilities required by clients. Technology is often sourced with people able to develop it further.
  • Market analysis - We provide to most detailed business intelligence report for our clients. We report lists of suppliers and buyers for a particular technology or product. We provide independent analysis of risks, opportunities and help shape the development strategy.
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News and Press releases

Monthly Newsletter

BREC Solutions publishes a monthly newsletter focusing on industrial, regulatory and innovation aspects of nanotechnology. It is a "must-have" information source for entrepreneurs, academics, investors and regulators. It also contains a comprehensive list of all nanotechnology events, conferences, workshops and exhibitions. We have Media Partnership agreements with a number of events. Please follow this link Banner Advertising Offers to see the current offers. Note that the newsletter is free! Newsletter

Our Reports

BREC specialises in collecting and analysing technical and commercial information related to nanotechnology. We evaluate markets, search for competition and find opportunities for novel nano-enabled products. We produce bespoke reports for our clients as well as general reports that we offer for sale. We have detailed understanding of the technology and its relevance to existing and potential new markets.

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Our Network

The area of nanotechnology is broad and complex. For this reason we adopted the strategy of working with the best in the field and offer our clients what the best of the community can provide. We work directly with individual experts, companies and institutes to deliver our projects. If you are interested in becoming an advisor in personal capacity or want to discuss an agreement with your institution then please contact us by email denis@brec-solutions.com with your proposal.

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