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Consulting Services

BREC Solutions BREC Solutions are one of the leaders in the nanotechnology innovation, standardisation and regulation services. Our aim is to facilitate innovation and commercialisation of applications in nanotechnology while conforming to regulation and following the best international practice shared by ISO and BSI Standards. We provide an independent advice to large corporations, lobbying groups, governments and academic institutions.

What kind of projects do we work on? Usually, we are approached by clients for our expertise and independence. Below are just some of the examples of projects we have completed in the past few years:

BREC Solutions We will be happy to discuss your requirements and outline the way forward using our services. For any enquiries please contact Dr Denis Koltsov.

tel (Poland) +48 7 949 948 68
tel (UK +44 7887 931 658
email: Dr Denis Koltsov (Director)