Dr Denis Koltsov BREC Solutions ltd is an innovation and business consultancy. We specialise in nanotechnology innovation, policy, regulation and standardisation. Our track record as experts on BSI, CEN and ISO technical committees and industrial contacts in nanotechnology give us the best overview of industrial trends and developments.

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We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Technology Scouting - Technology and IP evaluation
  • Standardisation and policy in nano
  • Regulation briefings - support for SMEs
  • Market analysis - reports and business evaluation
  • Project Management - Technical guidance
  • Finance Brokerage - funding and investment search for projects
  • News, Reports and Briefings - free newsletter and commercial reports available for a fee
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Reports and Briefings

reports BREC specialises in collecting and analysing business information related to nanotechnology. We publish reports on sectorial and regional nanotechnology developments. We are international experts in nanotechnology regulation, standards, economic indicators and stakholder communication.

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Nanotechnology News

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